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Us values


We mobilize our teams to meet your expectations.


We are rigorous in recruiting our teams.


We work continuously to improve our services and methods.


Our teams are committed to all types of projects, regardless of their size.


Our teams are motivated and invested every day.

Our strength

Attractive price !

Our status as an educational and non-profit association allows us to offer you very competitive prices.
We are motivated by the desire to learn and not by the remuneration of our projects.

A team at your service

We analyze your needs in order to provide you with the most suitable solutions.
We are at your disposal to find the solution that best suits you.

Innovative Students

We manage our projects through innovative management processes.
We use the latest technologies on the market.
We constantly update to offer you the best!

A competitive Junior

The derogatory status of Junior-Enterprises as well as that of non-profit association law 1901 allow us to offer you services at advantageous rates.

A professional approach

Polytech Nice Conseil offers missions of professional quality.
At your disposal, a project manager will keep you informed of the progress of your project regularly.

A reactive association

Would you like to know more about our structure? Do you have a project in mind? An idea?
We are committed to responding to your inquiries within 72 hours.



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